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Our style of conducting Strategic Planning is agile, simple and high value added. We work with accessible methodologies that make the process very rich for all involved. We help companies review and improve their Singularities (Positioning) and Growth Strategies, creating Tactical Execution Plans (Initiatives Portfolio). We carry out the work at various organizational levels: Corporate Planning and Business Unit.

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This service can be conducted in conjunction or separate from the Strategic Planning. If the company does not want to focus on the strategic plan for the moment, it can opt for an in-depth look at the Business Model of a unit, product or service, which needs to find new positioning and achieve growth. We discover opportunities to simplify, update and increase the profitability of the Business Model, culminating in a Tactical Plan to execute the changes.


Growth is vital to remain viable and competitive, but it requires a bold strategy that drives real and relevant changes under controlled risk. During ups and downs, managers must develop the ability to become “ambidextrous”: on one hand, optimize what they already know and do well while, on the other hand, create new models to pave the way for attractive growth. We help identify the best growth possibilities and formulate a balanced plan that stimulates courageous evolution without unwarranted risk.

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We help materialize the essence of a company’s Greater Purpose (Mission) in a simple and inspiring way. We update the Vision of the future to create a sense of inspiring progress that mobilizes the organization. We also assess the set of Values that will best align behaviors and help deliver the Singularity Strategy.

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